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Начало / За Ученика / Английски език / Най-добрите есета от конкурса за есе на английски език "My World" 

Най-добрите есета от конкурса за есе на английски език "My World"

What a wonderful world!

I always feel happy when I learn something new. There are so many ways to do it – by reading a book, by going to a new place or by meeting and talking to new people. It is such a good feeling to learn something new and the world around us gives this opportunity every day. That is why I could say “What a wonderful world’! It makes me richer every day.
I think people should enjoy every new experience. The world is full of different places and each of them has its own beauty. I love to travel to the ancient villages in my country because there I can learn about our history. I also like the mountains as they show me how beautiful our nature is. I have read about many nice places around the world and I know I would visit them one day. Travelling makes you feel a part of this wonderful world.
And the people I meet every day help me learn something new. Everyone is different, has different ideas and interests. When we talk and share them we receive new knowledge. I meet good-hearted people and I learn how important is to be positive and honest to others. I also meet people who are not sincere and friendly, and from them I learn how I should not behave because it will bring me only negative emotions. From every person I have contacts with I can learn something new.
I also like reading and learning new languages. People have written so many books and I especially like historical books because I could learn how our ancestors have lived, what traditions and culture they had. It is also interesting for me to learn new languages because they will help me to communicate with people from different parts of the world. I will use the languages when I travel as well.
The world is lovely because it is full of things I can enjoy, people I can meet and exchange my thoughts with them and places I can visit. They all give me new knowledge and it is so useful to learn because it makes me a better person. And better people create better world for all of us!

By Stefani Dushilova 13 years old

What a wonderful world!

My world…our world. The universe is endless and there might be other planets same as ours but there is no other place like home.
Go outside.-What do you hear?-Birds, cars, children, crickets? So many sounds laughter, wind, people’s steps, love. Like an album full of the best songs. What do you see? Open your eyes for stray dogs, for smiles, for butterflies, for thee leaves, for clouds, for houses. Looks like a gallery filled with paintings from all kinds. Breathe deeply. What do you smell? Lady’s perfume, grass, bread from the bakery or cake, sandwiches, pizza-getting hungry? You smelt, saw and hearted a tiny peace of this world. Now feel it. We don’t appreciate these little things that make this world wonderful. Try to feel it. His heated lava heart beating while its oceans dance under the big blue sky. Its lungs rising like big and strong mountains, covered with green forests and magnificent … rocks –well not everything is so unique. Here is one thing that is more interesting –people. Yes some of us are bad, some good, some smart, some not so intelligent, some are talented and everyone is one of a kind.
So we have to love every part of this world and stop destroying it. I could write more but the limit is only 250 words and more importantly I want you to think about these special things and understand for yourself the meaning of this wonderful world.

By Anna Gineva

What a wonderful world!

Have you ever wondered why the world is so amazing? People have so different reasons to say that the world is incredible. A popular belief is that the world is created perfectly by God. Without it we wouldn’t exist. We are created to be indivisible from the world. If we didn’t exist, the world wouldn’t be so perfect. The nature, the people, the feelings and the places which you can visit, all of these make the world so wonderful. For example, when a person finds his love, gets married and has children. They have a reason to live. From that point of view the world seem so magnificent.
It’s often said that the nature is also inseparable part of the world. Our nature is so beautiful. Most people think that nature makes the world to be so amazing with his green trees, beautiful flowers and thousands of beautiful views. For instance when you go on a trip you see many views. If you are in the mountains you see beautiful views of trees, grass and maybe some animals. That is so beautiful. Also when you see a view of the sea it’s brilliant. In addition, there you can see many beautiful creatures like crabs, dolphins, jellyfish and many kinds of fish. It’s so beautiful that it makes our world unique place for living.
Also I would like to say that animals are beautiful creatures which are a very important part of the world. People are connected with animals. They are all over the world and we are surrounded by them.
In conclusion, the world is created from many indivisible parts. If one of them misses the world would be impossible to be. The world is wonderful because of us and everything around us. We have to save the world as wonderful as it is. We make it so perfect and beautiful.

By Ivanka Baleva, 10 grade

What a wonderful world!

This is a World and this is a life,some people die,while others are born.The nature is around us.The person can't easily go around World.The World is something great,the people are various and they have various nationalities.We are surrounded from animals and plants. Some people likes to grow animals and plants, but not widlife, while most cammon animals as: dogs, cats, parrots, rabits and others.The people like animals very much and plants, almost every home have pets and plants.
In the World there are many beauties, such as the "Seven Wonders of World" they are: The Great Wall of China, Petra Jordan, the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Machu, Chichen Itza, Taj Mahal, Roman Colosseum.
In the past there were heavy battles for these beauties. In the World there are four seasons, but not on every continent all seasons repeat. On tropic there is one seasons and it is Summer, while in my continent there are four seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter.
In summer people like going to sea, while in winter they go to mountains to skiing.
At the moment fashion is very different from has been centuries ago. In twenties woman used to bring long dresses and big hats. In 30s the tipical style for this time is long, waisted dress without neck and puffed sleeves.
The forties. The main role in this romance performs skirt: straight, feminine with a small slit at the back which gives it a sophisticated chic. Jackets and dresses - all in this style look like a romantic poem, waisted silhouette and discreet ornamentation remihiskrent of the fashions of the past centuries.
The World is fine place. But what amazes me is style.It changes and , expresses the emotions of people.

By Ivilina Beleva

What a wonderful world!

The world would be great if people started to think more about how to protect the environment and to think about the consequences. The people must use less nature resources - land, oil, ores and coal because they are already running They should start using other sources. of energy - electric cars, water cars. For heating they can use more electricity than other methods polluting the air , such as wood and coal. This steps will reduce air pollution with gases that are released during their combustion. I think that the world would be better if we started actively to develop homeopathic remedies that are useful for people and they are with less side effects. The homeopathic remedies are prepared by repeatedly diluting a chosen substance in alcohol or distilled water, followed by forceful striking on an elastic body, called succession. Homeopaths select remedies by consulting reference books known as reportoties considering the totality of the patient`s symptoms as well as the patient`s personal traits , physical and psychological state , and life history. A recent scientific research has found homeopathic remedies ineffective and their postulated mechanisms of action implausible. But in my opinion it is better to take homeopathic remedies because they are use natural ways to stimulate our immunity without using harmful chemicals . Homeopathy uses many animal, plant, mineral, and synthetic substances in its remedies.
I believe that our world is a wonderful place. Humanity has survived for many ages and has invented amazing things . One of these things is homeopathy . I am interested in the science of Pharmacy and Phito Pharmacy and , I would like to make my contribution to the development of this incredible world.

By Kayyane Ovanes Karaohluyan

What a wonderful world!

What a wonderful world could be, if we tried to preserve our present environment and to bring back species on the brink of extinction. These things require a lot of persistence and money. It would be great, if more conservationists used the media to educate and inform people about environmental issues and to ensure public support.
Several arguments encourage people and countries to adopt conservation measures and pass laws to protect the environment. In the first place, plants and animals enhance our world. Shady trees, colourful butterflies and singing birds are only a few species that add to the quality of our environments. A second point is that plants and animals are useful to people. Many plants are medicinal, and some insects protect crops. Third, our survival depends upon a healthy global ecosystem. Without clean air and water, people are more exposed to fatal diseases.
Whichever argument we use for conserving the environment, one fact is certain: the present rate of destruction cannot continue without the eventual collapse of ecosystems and human populations. Species are as threatened as we are by population growth, pollution and conflicts over the limited resources.
The world would be wonderful if we appreciated and preserved our nature and environment. I wish the people were more responsible and more worried about the preservation of our world!

By Мара Георгиева 9в клас

What a wonderful world!

What a wonderful world, that is the thing which I say to myself every single sunny day.
Most of the time I consider myself as an optimistic person.I believe that everything happens for good.
Have you ever how the sunlight gives happiness to your body or just you are so light as if you can fly ?
Have you ever felt grateful that you are somewhere at the exact moment ? Have you ever felt as if you are the happiest and luckiest person in the world just because somebody shows you how much he cares about you,how much he loves you in those moments when you are unbearable.
That exactly are the moments when I say to myself ,,What a wonderful world”
As an example I will tell you a story from my life .It happened last year. It was winter .Usually in the winter all my positive energy just disappears. So I was miserable and depressed as I am every single winter. That is the time when if I don’t have any problemsI reinforce the significance of small ones amd make them look like a big trouble.
So like every other year since I became a teenagerat this time of the year I was depressed and not in mood for doing anything.
One day as I was walking to school-sad and miserable, I saw a boy about my age.
He was from those boys who you are turning back to see again. I am sure that ypu know what I am talking about. He was really handsome and cute . The boy he was talking to was a friend of mine.I haven’t seen him for ages so I decided to stop and talk to him for a while.
After a few words I tried to introduce myself to the guy but he didn’t react at all.
It was strange so I asked my friend and he explained me that the boy was blind. For me it was a shock.
How that cute young boy could be blind?
He was a person who values the small things in his life.His disability wasn’t making him suffer.
He has a life like every ordinary guy in his age-he was taking exercice ,going to school learning all that boring stuff just like I am doing it. And he was happy with that what he has ….instead of many others who are halthy and are able to see the colour of the sky.
We became friends. Now he is in England studying at university. And again he finds a reason to smile and to be grateful every single day. He is more alive than most of us even after the terrible accident and his mother’s death.
Despite of the difficulties and unfair things he is happy and now he is working in a big Japanese company and helps people with the same problems as his.
He is the one who taught me that the cup is always half-full,not half-empty , and that the life is wonderful because of everything – the birds which are singing , the way that we see the colours or feel the sun shining on our skin. Everything is wonderful and the world shines for you.

By Siana Nikolova Plovdiv

What a wonderful world!

The periods spent by humankind in darkness were followed by rapid and remarkable development. How the world was perceived would often change. In those transitional times the greatest discoveries were made.
The blurred border between reality and fiction excited human imagination leading to breakthrough and innovation. The mind overcame practical obstacles in the way of advancement by combining knowledge with vision. As a result, the thirst for wonder led to the exploration of the Americas, outer space, underwater cities, etc. Modern science, philosophy and art share a common objective, namely to continuously transpose the unknown into reality. This is an endless mind game, a carnival directed by ingenuity.
The legacy of the Renaissance and Romanticism, despite today’s mundaneness, has not faded. People still dream of a place where past, present and future meet and the great abyss between reality and fantasy is no more. Such wondrous thoughts inevitably unhinge the mind by making it restlessly contemplate the meaning of life. Unable to bridge Keats with Jobs, we search for intangible ways to channel their influence. Space travel and green living are the foremost examples of our present endeavors to bring reality and dream together in a wonderful world.
Life is rife with a great variety of conceptions of the ideal. We seek ways to remain united in diversity, to appreciate our otherness in peaceful co-existence. If we achieve the latter by annihilating conflict, so that we can enjoy the former, we would see a wonderful world.

By Vanina Bozhilova

What a wonderful world!

Probably most of the people who write about this will start with the nature, environment and all kinds of boring stuff, but I won’t. I will be honest with the readers; after all, we all have to be if we want to be accepted because of what we are. And this is where I am starting to give my point. When we hear the word wonderful we start thinking about bunnies running along a lawn, surrounded by rainbows and butterflies, but we still can’t avoid everything else around them – like the hunters hiding behind the bushes, ready to do whatever it takes to get these bunnies…That is what I think about the world – it has its bright and dark sides and we have to be clear with that so we can really live. The more ready you are, the more time you will have to enjoy your life. And what if the world isn’t wonderful itself, but the people are the one thing that makes it so special? My personal opinion is that people could be amazing, I mean, look at all the things we have created…All the art, movies, music, etc. They all can change the way you feel, act or look at things and it is just magical. You just have to feel it ones to understand. Like that feeling when you hear a song and you just can’t get it out of your head no matter how badly you try and in the end of the day you just love the song or you hate it…Either way, you know the lyrics…

From Tanya Stoyanova

What a wonderful world!

I remember that day because it was one of those too hot, lazy, summer evenings that you sit around the house doing nothing, practically burning and sweating of heat. My family and I were staying at a village out of the big city and I remember sitting outside on the balcony of my room, holding just a glass of chilled water with ice cubes jingling in it. The ice was melting and so was I but I didn’t mind it because of the view that was in front of me.
It was a crystal clear evening, the sun was sinking slowly, glowing with blood and flame orange beyond the city that I could hear from this far. I could hear the hustle and bustle but along whit that I could hear some birds singing over the house. I heard my father shouting something about a movie on the TV but couldn’t imagine anything being more fascinating than the scenery before my eyes.
It was an early summer and I’d just finished school so I had no worries. This summer my mother and I were holidaying on a trip. I remember catching myself smiling because I was just about to visit many foreign countries which was a dream of mine.
Still sitting on the balcony, I felt the light, tender breeze on my skin as the night was just showing its darkness, the heat was still there but I was happy. I was lost in admiration of the little things in this wonderful world and that’s where true happiness comes from!

Кристина Ловчалиева

Computer games can be educational

In my opinion most of the computer games can be very educational . First of all, they can help you learn the basics of some language. For example, when you play a game you can have the opportunity to learn English, many different types of words and interesting facts about the history of a country. That is why I think that they can be very useful. Also, if you play a team game you can develop your teamwork skills which can help you reach a new level of working in a team when you find a job. Or if you play a game which you have to accomplish missions in. This can turn to be very useful experience if you become a soldier, for example. This will improve your strength in making advanced tactics and strategies. Also, you will be able to make friends from all over the world who like the same games like you. There are many games where your goal is to build a city which can become of a great use to you if you want to build your own house, as well. There are many simulator games where you learn how to raise your domestic animals and take care of them. This can be used as a great advantage in real life. Likewise, games where you drive a car can be very educational. This experience can show you how to fix your car.
That is why I think that computer games can be very educational and useful not only for kids but for people of all ages, too.

By Dimitar Presian Milev

Computer games can be educational

Nowadays computer games are an unalterable part of our modernised lives. But is their influence good or bad?
On the one hand, everyone says they aren’t useful. Maybe they’re right because while playing, we practically stop thinking. Turning off our minds means that we can’t imagine any more which makes us lose our uniqueness. Furthermore, it’s a fact that some computer games contain too much violence. I think young children are able to copy the aggression from some video games and release it in real life. That’s why parents should control how their infants spend their free time.
On the other hand, computer games can give us lots of new information. For example, many students like me practise their English by playing different games. The ones which are online allow us to connect with other kids our age and to exchange experience. Others are based on myths and legends which broaden our history knowledge and help us extend our vocabulary, as well. Moreover, some video games have incredible graphics which could be a new kind of art. Such kinds of games inspire more and more young artists to develop their skills. In addition, computer games are one of the best ways for students to learn new material at school.
To sum up, computer games can definitely be educational, although some of them don’t work well on young kids. In my opinion, they’re not a maleficent way of wasting time but shouldn’t be considered as something too important for our existence.

By Яница Петкова Априлова

Computer games can be educational

Computer games. The bane of every parent’s and teacher’s existence. But are they really as bad as they are made out to be?
Contrary to popular belief games do not cause aggression, square eyes or soft brain. In fact, they do the exact opposite. Researchers have proven time and time again that games, in moderate quantity, can have a positive effect on us- sharpen our vision, improve attention and working memory, develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
Brain ‘plasticity’ is a term used to refer to the ability of the brain to learn and change by increasing the number of connection between neurons and reorganizing neural pathways. Computer games are especially good at improving this as your brain cannot focus on one specific task but rather pay attention to multiple ones. This is vital for developing your cognitive abilities and maintaining mental fitness.
These skills translate into the real world as greatly increased visual field and contrast sensitivity- the ability to notice tiny changes in shades of grey. They can increase the effectiveness of activities ranging from reading the newspaper to driving in low light conditions, seeing at night or fog and tracking different moving objects.
In sum, computer games are not only a fun way of spending your free time but also powerful educational tools with which we can improve our lives.

By Ivan Zhelyazkov

Computer games can be educational

Have you ever wondered why the teenagers are so keen on computer games? Well, it’s simply because they learn a lot from them.
Everyone will agree with me if I say that computer games are really obsessive. Few would dispute the fact that when they start to play the time passes so fast that they’re not able to figure out how many hours they spend on the computer. Our parents get worried bacause they think that the computer games are a waste of time.
However, they are wrong. In my point of view there can be no doubt that some computer games could be educational. For instance, years ago I was addicted to such one called ‘Sims’. Unlike the real life, there I got the chance to do everything in my way, which leads me to the conclusion that this game made me more responsible and creative. After I stopped playing it I noticed that my English was better. I knew a lot of new words at least that was what my teacher explained to my parents.
All the evidence suggests that most of the well – kown games are educational. For example ‘Cooking academy’ shows you how to cook, playing ‘Farmville’ you’ll know how to plant fruits and vegetables and in ‘Need for speed’you learn to control your anger. All of these are things which will help you in life – so that is the reason why I agree with the statements that the computer game are educational.

By Tania Kirachena

Computer games can be educational

There are a lot of computer games which we can call educational. Many children and youths, even adults like playing games which are not educational, just for entertainment. However, there are lots of educational games, too. On the one hand, computer games aren’t very educational because for the last six months I haven’t met a person who is more than ten years old to play an educational computer game. Most of them play games which are violent. Most youths enjoy playing such kind of computer games and they think that the other ones are boring or they are for children. There are also games that don’t contain violence but aren’t educational, too. In some kind of girlish computer games you only plant, shovel and water some plants or make cakes or biscuits. Computer games for boys are quite different they play football games in which they make the footballers score goals. On the other hand, they can be educational because except all these games there are lots of computer games which help you to gather some knowledge. For children there are some games which will help them to learn the alphabet and the numbers. Elder ones can play games in which they can learn more about geography, history and other forms of science. In my opinion computer games can be educational but parents should control which kind of games their children play and make them understand that some computer games don’t help them at all.

By Есра Ерол Читали


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